April 2007
Groovediggers selected for the Dutch Jazzday
Following an initial rejection the organizing committee decided to offer Groovediggers a stage on the Dutch Jazzday (May 11 Amersfoort). Among followers of the band speculations on the reasons for this change of course were numerous, although the credibility of some speculations is low. We could for instance really question the possibility of a massive bribe from a band owing a total of 300 euros. Equally questionable is the actual effectiveness of the treat coming from the Groovediggers Suicide Command (GSC), although we must recognize their sensibility to the fashion of the day. Organizer Michel Peek claims that the cancellation of another band made it possible to program Groovediggers. But then, what would you say in his position? The band themselves responded surprised and happy. The comparison with the Danish football team that entered the European Championship after Yugoslavia had to leave the competition, was easily made. The Danish players had to be flown back from their holiday resorts and sobered up, but after that they became European Champion fairly easy for the first time in history. When asked about Groovediggers football ability, their forward answered:’ We’re completely incapable of ever hitting a ball, but we’ll kick some Jazz!’

Maart 2007
On wednesday march 21 from 7 pm till 8 pm groovediggers can be heard here; Podiumzweet on EnschedeFM

Februari 2007
Op woensdag 21 februari 2007 waren Frank en Jeroen te gast in een uitzending van het programma Jazzmeeting bij Radio Hengelo. Deze uitzending was geheel geweid aan Groovediggers. Frank en Jeroen werden geinterviewd over zaken als: Wie zijn de bandleden? Het muzikale concept, de ontstaansgeschiedenis van de band, muzikale inspiratiebronnen en voorbeelden, de composities, werkwijze, toekomstplannen, etc. De gesprekjes werden afgewisseld met muziek. Het was een gezellige, verrijkende en informatieve sessie, waarin we een leuke indruk hebben kunnen achterlaten van de band en van onze muziek. De uitzending is nogmaals te beluisteren / downloaden op onder broadcast > latest broadcasts.
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