News of 2006

VJ Chris Knippers joins Groovediggers
The desire to work with a VJ existed in Groovediggers for quite a while, but focusing on the development of a good repertoire kept them away from connecting with VJs and starting collaboration. One great opportunity presented itself when the brother of DJ Merijn Knippers decided to develop as a VJ. On September 30th a try-out gig was played and left both Groovediggers and Chris Knippers exited about working together.
The next step in this process will be that Chris will collect more visuals that support the atmosphere and the meaning of each separate tune.

Groovediggers has friends on myspace
Groovediggers registered at myspace in early October in order to get in touch with like minded, music lovers, producers, venues etc, etc. Hardly one month later we have over 500 friends around the world (with a remarkable peek in Belgium) and again hundreds of people have listened to the live recorded tracks from the Groovediggers gig in Hengelo, 30-09-2006.
In short: Groovediggers is seen and heard by many and many new friends left their supportive responses. Check for yourself:

Groovediggers start preparations for their debut CD
Groovediggers decided to start working towards recording their first CD. The band has produced sufficient compositions and has grown enough as a team to try to capture the result of that creativity on a CD. In order to get the best possible result a time table has been made for rehearsals and orientation on the recording process. According to this planning the actual recordings will be made in March 2007. The progress in this process can be monitored here in Groovediggers News.