Groovediggers 2008
2007 was a good year for Groovediggers. We played a lot of cool gigs (among which a show on ‘the day of Dutch Jazz’ an d several live radioshows) and we proved that our formula works. Towards the end of 2007 all the planned gigs were played, recordings made and all diggers got involved in other projects.

DJ Merijn Knippers, with his wife Mischa Lelieveld celebrated the birth of their son Jasper. Percussionist Door Rademaekers moved to Eindhoven and other diggers had other excuses not to be fully focused on Groovediggers. But, as time passed, and especially when the recordings were finalised, all musicians became eager to play again. This band is too unique and too cool not to continue.

From that point on we decided to call for another round of publicity, make available our recordings for free and start looking for new gigs. We hope to present you with an updated play list soon!


March 2008
Free downloads on the Groovediggers website
At the end of the summer of 2007 Groovediggers recorded material that was (and is..?) intended to be used for their debut CD. It took quiet a long time for these recordings to get mixed and mastered. And it was only then that they could be judged on their quality. We feel that these recordings are the best we have made so far.

We owe many thanks to Rob Lohues who recorded Groovediggers live on location and who is responsible for the mixing and mastering of the material.

This recording session resulted in 6 tracks, just a little short for an entire CD. It is possible that a next session will provide additional material in the near future and the release of the CD is still an option.

In the meantime real Groovdiggers diehards can download these 6 tracks for free on this website. We hope you enjoy the tracks and share them with your friends!


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